marguerite coetzee

Marguerite Coetzee

Marguerite Coetzee is a South African Anthropologist, Artist, and Futurist.

With a Masters in Anthropology and a Post-Graduate in Futures Studies, experience as a marketing consultant, and a background in visual storytelling, Marguerite focuses on conducting research, formulating strategies, and theorising about culture and the future.

Her background in Anthropology gives her the tools with which to navigate what makes us human, and training in Futures Studies enables her to understand, prepare for, and create change. Marguerite’s experience as a marketing consultant has exposed her to the workings of global organisations, presented with opportunities to develop strategies and conduct research. It is through writing, photography, videography and graphic design that Marguerite communicates these stories and insights.



The value of Anthropology is to make the familiar strange, and the strange familiar.

As humans, we have the capacity to situate ourselves in time, space, and thought. We are capable of remembering, interpreting, and imagining; of intuition, negotiation, and observation. It is through routine, ritual, and risk-taking that we can take control in uncertainty. Uncertainty shapes our ways of seeing, knowing and being in the world. It forces us to confront the fragility of human life. There is power in the unforeseen and the unfolding at moments of contact, continuity, and change. Each individual and collective have their own socio-cultural explanation for cause and effect and management of or remedy for particular events. However, when these prove insufficient or ineffective, doubt and uncertainty persist. We need to challenge dominant narratives of uncertainty and harness our own stories in order to navigate our way through it.

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