jesko v.d. steinen

Jesko vd Steinen

Jesko is formerly a principal solo artist with Cirque du Soleil, and a co-creator with Franco Dragone in “The House Of Dancing Water,” the world’s largest water-based theatrical experience at the City of Dreams in Macau.

Currently helping organizations confront digital, strategic, and cultural “change” in times of uncertainty, Jesko is the lead facilitator and designer for “The Difference,” a complex problem solution hub for experience consulting with PwC in Hong Kong.

Previously, Jesko served as associate director of Strategic HR, leading an Innovation & Transformation hub for an industry-leading fortune 500 company in Asia. In Montreal, Jesko has worked with SIDLEE, as a creative strategist, and experience designer.

Jesko also works with Cognitive-Edge, a leading consultancy helping organizations understand how to absorb uncertainty, create resilience, and develop weak signal detection using complex adaptive systems theory insights.


The hardest part of the artistic process, is completely letting go of control. It is not recommended nor is it very comfortable. But it when we are at the precipice of action, it is there where we need to let go at times to land somewhere new.

We do not know it all, no one does, and when we feel lost at sea in a discomfort… we can be comfortable that “something is happening.” In my years on stage with Cirque du Soleil, or even in the many hours in rehearsal… when I felt scared, or really vulnerable, like slightly dizzy, where I wasn’t sure if I am right or really really wrong, it was then that I did some of my best work. I tried so hard to be smart and on top of it… it was only when I trusted enough to let go and remain in the present, that I actually did something smart in spite of myself.

Navigating uncertainty for me, in the creative process specifically, is allowing myself to be “ugly, boring, and uninteresting…” when I stopped trying so hard, only then, did I actually approach something new, special, or authentically me.

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